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Playing with time

Like every screenwriter when they've completed a first draft, I'm so excited about the script I've just finished. It's probably my best but also the most sellable and timely work I've written. I would say it's the most personal but that wouldn't be true as that goes for all of my scripts in different ways.

The Ration Ticket is based on a short story by French writer, Marcel Ayme, someone mostly known for children's stories. A European country, facing crippling austerity, rations its citizens to a monthly allowance of life dependent on their usefulness.

I describe it as an absurd, political, romantic comedy. Fitting that I found it the most natural thing to write at a time of despair at politics and relationships.

Now the task of badgering producers, production companies and actors to make this now, as it touches on so many of the trials we endure in this disconnected world.

If you're interested and as excited by the idea as I am - drop me a line!

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