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Directing Godiva

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Funded by Coventry City of Culture, conceived and written by Stephen Hardy in collaboration with actress Sonia Ritter, The Trial of Lady Godiva is a film provocation, to be used by law students in group and online workshops. It's a wonderful example of interdisciplinary synergy - using theatre and film arts to provide an original way of exploring legal and moral imperatives.

I'm very grateful to the project team for commissioning me to film this work in collaboration with Maninahat Productions (, who as always, produce work of the highest standard.

The process of directing was made so enjoyable by the spirit of collaboration amongst all involved. It was particularly inspiring to work with Sonia who rehearsed and directed the theatrical performance. The process of transferring a theatre work to film was aided immensely by her understanding of both media; by her clear objectives on what the film was setting out to accomplish; her appreciation for the filmic story telling approach, and her support, trust and respect in me to produce what she needed.

There is an interesting opportunity for future films along these lines in higher education, especially in these unpredictable days and the steady move towards online teaching. Here's hoping it's the first of many future collaborations!

Personally, it's been an exciting opportunity to direct and, as a result, develop my confidence and understanding in various aspect of the film-making process (not least, the strength needed to wield a hand held camera!).

Every experience informs and instructs me, is a learning opportunity which inspires my desire to write and make more films - so again, heartfelt thanks to Sonia, the actors, Maninahat Productions and the University of Coventry.

The film's delivery date is the start of December. Now to the editing chair - from which more anon...

(Project photography by Gabriela Lysicanova)

Actors pictured: Connor Alexander (Defence), Jess Rowe (Godiva), Miriam Edwards (Prosecution) and Sonia Ritter (Judge)

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Alyson Slattery
Alyson Slattery
Oct 23, 2021

What a fantastic learning opportunity. Good luck with the editing!

Oct 23, 2021
Replying to

You sure will. Look forward to sharing it with you.

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