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Digital Story Telling with the McGuires

Updated: May 10, 2021

I am tremendously fortunate to have worked in collaboration with Kristin and Davy McGuire, wonderful digital artists who produce the most mind-blowing and beautiful visions and who are constantly pushing the theatrical boundaries of storytelling and audience experience.

Visually, we share a common aesthetic and we also share the same love of cinema ranging from Hitchcock to Herzog, German Expression to Neo-Noir.

I'm drawn to the sense of wonder, mystery and magic in their work. When I first saw what they achieved with their kirigami installations I imagine it's what it must have felt like when Victoria audiences saw a magic lantern. What they produce is new and exciting but is crafted in a timeless way, producing a unique experience and engagement with storytelling.

In early stages of development, 'The Invited' is a reworking of the Dracula myth for the 21st century. I have worked with the McGuires on producing a script that tunes in with their exploration into augmented reality. It will be fascinating to see the end results and the impact the experience will have on developing this media.

Previously, I worked with them on Theatre Book: Macbeth, commissioned by the Royal Shakespeare Company. A pop-up book with digital projections, telling the story in 6 pages.

Check out their website and other projects - amazing!

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